Ekaterina Fedotova
Designer, 3d artist

About me

My name is Katya. I am 36 years old, was born in Moscow. I am very positive and optimistic person.
I like long walks, it's like meditation for me. Because I like to be in motion, it helps to relax and concentrate thoughts. I like to write long letters, have many pen friends from different countries.


1. I finished school in 2000.

2. August 2000 - "Office programm operator" course (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access).

3. May 2001 "Information technology in publishing systems" course. (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress)

4. July 2002 "3d modeling and animation" course.

5. November 2004 "Autodesk 3ds max" course.

6. I was graduated from Moscow State University of Civil Aviation in 2008. Speciality: Technical exploitation of aviation electrical systems and flight navigation systems.
Graduation work: "Assessment of the accuracy characteristics of aircraft based on the construction of the distribution function of flight parameters."

7. February 2009 "C++ programming" course

8. October 2018 Online Knower School "Autodesk 3ds max. Basic course.

9. March 2018 Online Knower School "3d graphics for computer games" course.

My pictures


Like to surround myself with friendly people.


I meet everyday with a smile. Because I create my positive mood everyday.


I'm so optimistic that waiting for happy ending even if I'm reading Russian classical literature.


Life should be in movements. I like to move, like long walks and do exercises everyday.


If I want something that I can't find, I will create it.

My diplomas

Autodesk 3ds max. Basic course

3d graphics for computer games

Autodesk 3ds max course

C++ Programming

Information technology in publishing systems

3d modeling and animation

Office-programm operator