Time:The Vikings
Game that was planned to be created with 3ds max and Unity

How everything started

Few words about the main idea. One random programmer guy once wrote to me and offered to create a game together. I agreed. He already had the name for this game "Time:The Vikings". Here is what he sent to me as the main idea:
“Awake corporation with help of Vision system connet users to the consciousness of people from the past. Recently, this corporation have got data of Abbi’s descendant who passed away and they will connect Anna Hansson to the consciousness of Abbi but something will goes wrong and she will be connected with Abbi’s wife – Christina. And she got stuck there and must go the way of the wife of the Viking.”

So I decided to work on this story. And here is what I came up with.

The story

What is the main thing in any story? Alive characters! And this is what I wanted to do first of all, I wanted to create image of Anna more alive and find a reason why she got stuck there. I watched few episodes of “Vikings”, look at some games to create the right mood for myself. And on the next day on my way to the store I saw the next things in my imagination: Anna, young and active woman walking on the street, thinking about vikings, about fearless warriors. She always had a thirst for adventure, courage and some admiration for physical power.

Suddenly Anna notices ad about new data of Abbi’s descendant for journey with Awake corporation. And that moment I decided that Awake corporation should be a place for people have this unusual journeys to the past and have fun, not just lab. But such travels was even more expensive that any travels to other countries. And Anna had no money for it. But she will get there somehow, right? I needed to come up with this idea. And here I’ve got some imaginary scenes in my head. Inside the building of Awake corporation doctor Warren successfully made experiments for the Awake company. His friend, a treasure hunter, often asked him to give him information from the memories of traveling people about the next unique artifacts. And right now he brought one of such artifacts again to show off.

Warren was indifferent to the treasure. But the medallion that his friend left in the room strangely affected the devices, as if the object had something similar to human consciousness. Warren heard about objects that retain a part of the human consciousness, but was sure that this is just a legend. However, he studied the history of this object and found out that there are several such artifacts among the treasures that the Vikings have got. All these things are associated with one person, but who he was, there was no way to know. Definitely, this man had some unusual knowledge, and find his descendants was the goal of Warren now.

Warren search for person with DNA he needed, knew about Anna Hannson, who with great probability are descendant of that person. And he sent her invitation to Awake corporation for free travel. Anna happy, she dreamed about it. Now Anna inside this beautiful building, watch many customers here, beautiful décor. But Dr. Warren escorts her to the closed part of the building, which he manages, leads his studies. Of course, Anna think It’s seems strange that she would not be in the main part of the building, where all the customers. But Warren explained to her that all the places have already been booked and since for her a special free invitation, he will make a journey session in his laboratory. So Warren connect Anna to Vision system. When everything is ready to connect to Abbi’s consciousness, keep medallion near her, this medallion reacts to the presence of the girl and creates interference.

There was a failure and Anna was connected to the Viking’s wife Christina. Nobody knew that the medallion which was present in the room was on Abby's wife neck, because her husband gave this trophy to her, after he got it on one of his trips.

Doctor Warren was worried and tried to remove the medallion further from the girl and the equipment, but this made Anna's condition unstable and even dangerous. Interrupt the experiment was also not possible, Anna was stuck in Christina's mind and will have to find a way to get out of it. Dr. Warren has no choice but to continue what he has planned. He communicates with Anna by creating his projection (here often used this projections to give advice to traveling customers) and explains the situation to her, hiding main motives of course. He asks the girl not to panic and try to learn something about this medallion, reassuring that as soon as she finds out, this will be the key to her return.

Anna tries to adapt to the new reality, she is scared, but she has a strong desire for adventure, a world of warriors, about which she fantasized with her stubborn and strong character. But the medallion throughout Anna's journey will influence her, awakening her genetic memory and changing her character. Anna for the first time in her life begins to pay attention to ancient things, the wisdom of some monks, the mysterious properties of objects and the solution of all issues by force no longer causes such enthusiasm as before.

The mysterious medallion strengthens its connection with Anna, and gradually gives her clues, as if it were a navigator, or as if someone were directing it with the help of this object. In fact, it was her genetic memory that guided her, and this thing awakened the power of genetics in her. But Anna often doubts how to act, sometimes feels the urge to act in accordance with Christine's conscience, sometimes thinks to follow Warren's advice, and sometimes "listen" to the medallion. Anna will have to collect all the mysterious objects, and during this unusual journey she seems to gather particles of herself and comes to an understanding of who she really is.

Cover of the game

Cover of the game
Concept art
Logo of the game and logo of "Awake corporation" .
Modeling scene: Reception
Reception desk with chairs in the main hall.
Modeling scene:the columns
The columns, central stairs to the second floor.
Modeling scene: cooler