Night city
City of Moon Raccon. This city always awake at night and sleep at day time.

Idea for design

I'm working with LED light pics for about two years. This inspired me to show how beautiful LED lights can be.

The story

Player was travelling, came to this city. First place he/she noticed is small cafe/hotel looking like train car. This person didn't notice anything weird at first, but later he/she started to see how different people who lives here.

This city is so separated from another cities of this country. Only big bridge leads there. But as soon as that bridge became broken, less people visit this city. It couse money problem, because less tourists come now, but electricity bills are so incredibly high. All country suffering because of how much electricity that money use, being awake every night. What await that city? Will they have to change their life style? Will people leave that place? Or they will find another way?

News 2020

I'm still working on this project. Still in the begining.

Fast sketch to illustrate the idea.
Modeling scene: bar
Screenshot of the scene in viewport of the 3ds max.
Modeling scene:bar
Another screenshot of the bar
Modeling scene: cafe
Table and seats
Modeling scene: room
Hotel room
Modeling scene: outside
Stairs outside