My project with demo of 3d graphics for computer games during my study at online Knower School.

Idea for design

I wanted to create something in steampunk style. I love trains, but for this project I decided to create airship.

Short story

Player find himself on this airship with a group of scientists. Their mission is flying around the world, gathering special crystals to get energy from it. The player is not scientist. He doesn't belong to this place. That group of scientists picked him up when found him lost.


That was my first experience with work on graphics for computer game. This project was made during my study at online school - Knower School. I wanted to continue work on my project to make it become real game, but my computer was broken and during sudden restart of Windows main files of my project was broken and no way to restore them.

Concept art
Picture expressing the main idea.
Concept art 2
Ideas for design. I found some pics on internet to use ideas for my design.
Modeling scene
Place where game starts
Modeling scene: the cabin
The cabin where control panels and steering wheel
Modeling scene: assets
Assets in 3ds max viewport.
Character from the game. Her name is Ruby.